Hot Pepper Sauce
Hot Pepper Sauce
Hot Pepper Sauce

Hot Pepper Sauce

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A collection of peppers, garlic, honey, vinegar, sea salt, and palm sugar to provide a balanced profile of flavor and heat. The heat is a sneaky one. Your initial impression that its just a little sweet chili sauce.

Guess again

  The palm sugar and honey dance on the tip of your tongue while the heat is just waiting to present it self on every portion of your mouth. There is a firm solid heat that just grows in intensity as you try to comprehend which way this sauce is going to take you. 

You ask yourself...

   Should I call for help or should I go for more?

This is a solid sauce. When combine to Italian dishes it brings out the tomatoes and herbs. Complementing each morsel with just enough heat to satisfy the most critical pepper lover.  A modified form of a house hold pepper sauce found in any South East Asian home.

This sauce was carefully crafted to serve all walks of life and all cuisine types.


5 oz bottles. 

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Refrigerate after opening